Find the crabs to help our research!

Play our new online crab-hunting game here: Click here to play   Green shore crabs are one of the most common crab species found in rock pools around the UK, and are a highly invasive species around the world. The appearance of juvenile crabs varies considerably,...
Play our new online camouflage game

Play our new online camouflage game

We’ve just released a new online game: Click here to play The data generated from this game will help us to test a number of different theories related to the “moth’s” camouflage, and how people learn to overcome specific camouflage strategies....

Welcome Alice Rosen

Alice is the latest addition to the Sensory Ecology and Evolution team. She is doing an MSc by Research and will be working on coincident disruptive coloration and background matching in the common frog.

New paper out

We have a new paper out in Evolutionary Ecology – a review of the ecology of colour change as an antipredator defence.